Value Education: We value lifelong learning opportunities that respond to the needs of gifted, creative and talented students and their parents and teachers and are accessible, affordable, and of the highest quality;

Value Students: We value students as the primary reason we exist. We respect their diverse life experiences, value their achievements, and appreciate their contributions to our learning community;

Value Excellence: We invite innovation, support creative problem-solving, and encourage risk-taking;

Value Cooperation: We value teamwork, cooperation, and collaboration as a part of our continuous improvement efforts;

Value Honesty and Integrity: We believe academic and personal honesty and integrity are essential elements in our educational environment;

Value Freedom: To foster our virtual educational environment, we respect individual rights and the privacy of our customers, and encourage dialogue and the free exchange of views;

Value Fairness: We advocate fairness and just treatment for all customers;

Value Responsibility: We are all responsible for making our learning experiences significant and meaningful. We are accountable to our customers for the efficient and effective use of resources; and

Value Public Trust: We honor the trust placed in us by you to prepare our children for their role as productive world citizens.