The International Centre for Innovation in Education (ICIE) is committed to the development of all learners as productive world citizens and leaders for the future. The ICIE International Conferences will provide programmes with the highest calibre of: Nobel Prize winners, keynote speakers, invited speakers, and a large number of scholars and presenters alongside a selection of exhibitors and symposia. Each conference is another milestone in the journey towards leadership, creativity and innovation.
The rapidly changing field of giftedness and creativity is opening rich possibilities for gifted, creative and talented children to gain valuable learning experiences, and is providing an environment for creative expressions. The major goals of programmes and special provisions designed for gifted, creative and talented children are to help them develop higher levels of cognitive skills, problem solving, decision making, and creativity.
The ICIE could establish a link between regional programmes designed to serve the gifted, creative, and talented children. The ICIE is committed to the following aims and objectives:
Screen and identify the gifted and talented as early as possible;
Enhance the general public awareness and create a climate of acceptance and recognition that gifted, creative, and talented children are valuable global asset whether disabled or able bodied, from advantaged or disadvantaged backgrounds, or from developing or developed countries;
Initiate, conduct, and support research into the nature of giftedness, talent, and creativity, and the education and development of gifted, creative, and talented children;
Disseminate the findings of research and provide a database for researchers;
Establish means for a continuing worldwide exchange of ideas, experiences, and teaching and teacher-training techniques relevant to gifted, creative, and talented children;
Persuade governments to recognize gifted children as a category for special attention in normal educational programmes, and to cooperate with national and other organizations for gifted and talented children who share these purposes (e.g., The National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented (NRC/GT), and The International Association of Educators for World Peace);
Design, develop and organize activities, forums and programmes that bring together gifted, creative and talented children worldwide;
Assist educational system in capacity building and qualify teachers to work with the gifted and talented children; and
Provide guidance, counseling, and consultation.